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How It Works
LETSTOP users experience seamless rewards as the app works automatically in the background, allowing them to drive with their preferred navigation system while recognizing and rewarding their safe driving habits.
Drive Safely
Users make each journey count by observing traffic rules and avoiding distractions. AI-generated tips based on recent trips help refine driving practices.
Earn Crypto Tokens and XP
Diligence on the road translates to LETSTOP credits and XP for users. More driving leads to higher levels, unlocking greater rewards and credit potential.
Enhance Your Drive
LETSTOP credits can be spent on in-app purchases like vehicle upgrades, multiplying the credits earned on subsequent drives.
Claim Prizes
Credits are redeemable for exclusive vouchers, such as gift cards, meals, show tickets and more.
Trade Your Tokens
Users can convert LETSTOP credits into $STOP Tokens and transfer them to a crypto exchange to explore new horizons.
Understanding the LETSTOP app
LETSTOP’s road safety technology serves as a gateway to making roads safer while earning rewards. This deep dive into this unique application will explain its core features.
Registration and Login
Effortless onboarding awaits new LETSTOP users, featuring a straightforward registration process with referral bonuses for joining through an existing user's network.
Real-Time Driving
The app offers instant feedback on driving, activating automatically to monitor mobile usage and improve driving habits, complemented by AI-driven safety tips.
STOP Store - Rewarding Responsible Driving
Safe driving earns LETSTOP credits in the store, redeemable for various rewards like vehicle upgrades and vouchers, rewarding the commitment to safe driving.
Selecting a Plan
Users can choose from multiple subscription plans, each with clear benefits and pricing, or opt for the free version, with the flexibility to change plans as needed.
User Profile - The Driving Portfolio
This user profile showcases driving metrics, including token accumulation and value, distraction costs, and a driving score that encourages safer driving through retrospective analysis.
Grow Rewards with Referrals
The referral program boosts the LETSTOP experience, offering a 5% credit bonus for referrers and a mystery box for referees.
Coming soon
Crypto Transfers on the Crypto Exchange
Scheduled for Q2 2024, this feature allows users to convert safe driving into tradable tokens via an easy-to-use crypto Exchange.
LETSTOP is more than just a driving app, it bridges the gap between responsible driving and the exciting world of cryptocurrency, making every journey both safe and rewarding. Here’s to safe travels and smart trades!
Discover Your Perfect LETSTOP Plan
Choose from our tailored subscription models designed to match your driving style and reward ambitions. Explore the features and benefits of each tier, and steer your way to safer driving and more rewards with LETSTOP.
Best offer
For just
Experience the best of LETSTOP without ads, with the highest value vouchers and unlimited credit earning potential, ideal for frequent drivers.
For just
Enjoy an ad-free experience, earn up to 300 monthly credits, and access higher-value vouchers.
Free plan
A no-cost plan that includes ads and offers up to 150 LETSTOP monthly credits with limited voucher values — perfect for casual users.
Introductory prices are in place for a limited time, with the promise of great value.
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