Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about the platform and how it works? Explore the FAQ section to find information about earning while driving and utilizing the unique LETSTOP reward system. For more information, contact LETSTOP here.

What is the role of Experience Points (XP) in the app? 

As you drive more, you earn XP which helps you level up in the app. The higher your level, the more rewards you can potentially earn. It's our way of rewarding continuous and responsible driving habits.

How do I earn more XP? 

Every safe journey you embark on contributes to your XP. The more you drive safely, adhering to traffic rules, and avoiding phone distractions, the more XP you will accumulate.

How do I earn credits with the app?

By driving safely, observing traffic rules, avoiding distractions, and staying off your phone, you can accumulate LETSTOP credits and XP, which help you level up and unlock additional benefits. LETSTOP credits are earned for each drive, which can be converted into rewards, including $STOP Tokens.

What can I do with LETSTOP credits?

LETSTOP credits can be used for vouchers, in-app vehicle upgrades, or converted into $STOP Tokens.

How can I enhance my earnings in the app?

You can use LETSTOP credits to make in-app purchases, such as vehicle upgrades, which can then increase the credits you earn on subsequent drives. As you progress, you may want to upgrade your plan so you can maximize the credits you can earn. Additionally, participating in the referral program by inviting friends offers a 5% credit bonus from the earnings of your friends' drives for their first month.

What kind of rewards can I expect for good driving behavior?

LETSTOP rewards diligent drivers with credits that can be converted into various vouchers, used for upgrades, or converted into $STOP Tokens, recognizing and incentivizing safer driving habits.

How does leveling up with XP affect my rewards in LETSTOP?

As you level up by earning XP with LETSTOP, you'll find that each drive becomes more rewarding, with an increase in the credits you can earn. Rising through the levels also unlocks new opportunities, including vehicle upgrades, enhancing both your safety and the benefits you receive in our driver rewards program.

How are LETSTOP credits calculated in the app?

Our sophisticated system uses an integrated algorithm for precise credit distribution to each user. The calculation is based on a combination of four primary factors: user level, the credit balance in the application, the chosen vehicle within the app, and the overall driving score.

Should I trade my credits right away or is there a benefit to holding on to them?

You can trade them in for rewards, but if you use them for in-app upgrades, you can increase the number of LETSTOP credits that you can earn from your drives. For example, by upgrading your vehicle in the app, you can earn a higher number of credits per drive. Think of it like compound interest in your bank account. The more you have, the more you can earn.

Can I lose LETSTOP credits?

No, you cannot lose LETSTOP credits once they have been earned. LETSTOP is committed to positive reinforcement, encouraging safe driving by ensuring that your credits are always secure and reflective of your driving achievements.

Do you have a referral system?

Yes! You can earn an extra 5% in LETSTOP credits based on the credits your friends earn from their drives during their first month. To invite your friends, simply give your unique username to your friends to enter at registration.

How does the app promote safer driving?

Initially, the app focuses on discouraging touching the phone while driving. As we continue to develop, we plan to introduce additional features such as electric vehicle rewards, dangerous turn detection, reminder functionalities, speed limit monitoring, and travel guidance to further enhance and promote safer driving habits.

How does LETSTOP's AI help me improve my driving behavior?

LETSTOP's AI analyzes your driving patterns, offering personalized tips to enhance your driving skills and ensure a safer journey.

What are the benefits of using LETSTOP's smart driving technology?

LETSTOP's smart driving technology offers a range of benefits including improved road safety, real-time driving feedback, and rewards for safe driving practices.

Can I link other media systems like Apple Music or Spotify with the app?

In the near future, we aim to provide multimedia system links, allowing you to integrate platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

What is the STOP Store?

​​The STOP Store is an in-app marketplace where you can use your earned LETSTOP credits to purchase vehicle upgrades, mystery boxes, and vouchers that you can redeem to enhance your driving experience and reward your safe driving habits.

What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery Boxes are special in-app purchases that contain a random selection of rewards. Each box has a guaranteed reward. These rewards may include LETSTOP credits, car upgrades, subscription upgrades and XP boosts.

How can I obtain a Mystery Box?

You can get a Mystery Box by using your earned LETSTOP credits in the STOP Store. You can also receive a Welcome Mystery Box when referred by another user.

What rewards can I find in a Mystery Box?

Each Mystery Box holds a random reward, which could be anything from a substantial amount of LETSTOP credits or rare vehicle upgrades.

Is there a limit to how many Mystery Boxes I can purchase?

There is no set limit to the number of Mystery Boxes you can purchase. However, the availability may be subject to the number of LETSTOP credits you have accumulated.

Can the rewards in Mystery Boxes expire?

Some rewards within Mystery Boxes, such as vouchers, may have expiration dates. Be sure to check the details of each reward once you have received it.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, making it resistant to counterfeiting. Unlike traditional currencies issued by governments, cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized platforms.

How does cryptocurrency relate to the app?

Our app rewards responsible driving behavior with LETSTOP credits, which can be exchanged for rewards, including $STOP Tokens, which are a form of cryptocurrency. 

What's a crypto exchange, and how do I use it?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies for other digital or traditional currencies. To use them, you'll need to sign up, undergo a verification process, deposit your cryptocurrency (like $STOP Tokens), and then initiate trades.

I've never used crypto before. How easy is it to get started with your app?

Our app is designed for all users, whether you're familiar with crypto or not. It offers an intuitive experience, and you don't need prior knowledge in the field of crypto to start earning rewards. There’s no obligation to exchange LETSTOP credits into $STOP Tokens, nor do you need to transfer them to a crypto exchange; credits can be used exclusively for vouchers or vehicle upgrades.

How can I convert my $Stop Tokens into traditional currency?

Once you've converted LETSTOP credits into $STOP Tokens, you can trade them on crypto exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or convert them into traditional currencies, traditional currencies, such as USD or EUR, which can then be withdrawn to your bank account.

What subscription models does LETSTOP offer?

LETSTOP provides three subscription tiers:

LETSTOP LITE: Features ads, limited voucher value, and a cap of 150 LETSTOP credits earned per month. This is available for free.
LETSTOP PLUS: Ad-free experience, higher worth vouchers, with a monthly earning limit of 300 LETSTOP credits. Priced at $4.90 per month.
LETSTOP PRO: Ad-free with no limit on LETSTOP credit earning potential. Priced at $9.90 per month.

Please note these are introductory prices that are subject to change.

What are the benefits of subscribing to LETSTOP PRO?

With LETSTOP PRO, users enjoy an ad-free experience, can access higher-value vouchers, and have the potential to earn an unlimited number of LETSTOP credits. It offers an enhanced experience for $9.90 per month and if you drive a lot, your potential rewards are nearly endless. Please note these are introductory prices that are subject to change.

Is there a cap on how many LETSTOP credits I can earn?

This depends on your subscription model. The LITE model (free) is limited to up to 150 LETSTOP credits each month and with the PLUS subscription ($4.90 per month), you can earn up to 300 LETSTOP credits per month. The PRO subscription ($9.90 per month) does not limit your earning potential and is especially recommended for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Why should I consider subscribing to a paid plan instead of sticking with LETSTOP LITE?

While LETSTOP LITE is a great starting point, our paid subscriptions, LETSTOP PLUS and LETSTOP PRO, offer added benefits like an ad-free experience, access to higher-value vouchers, and different earning potentials, enhancing your overall experience and rewards.

How does the LETSTOP referral system work?

The LETSTOP referral system rewards users with extra LETSTOP credits when they invite friends to join the app. Once the referred friends register and start using the app, the user who referred them will receive 5% bonus credits based on their friends' activity for a full month. Their referred friend will receive a Welcome Mystery Box with bonus credits. 

How do I refer friends to LETSTOP?

You can refer your friends in one of two ways:

1. Your phone number
2. ⁠Your username

Your unique LETSTOP referral username can be found in your user profile section within the app. Share your username with friends and family so they can enter it when they register.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to LETSTOP?

No, there is no limit. You can refer as many people as you like, and you will receive bonus credits for each friend who signs up and meets the qualifying criteria for an entire month!

Do the friends I refer to LETSTOP need to complete any specific actions for me to earn the referral bonus?

Yes, the friends you refer must sign up using your referral code and must actively use the app for you to receive the referral bonus.

Can I track the bonuses I earn from referrals?

Yes, the app includes a section where you can track the status of your referrals and the bonuses you've accumulated from them.

How long will I receive these bonuses?

Bonuses from friend referrals will be awarded for your friends’ first month of membership.

How does the LETSTOP referral system work?

The LETSTOP referral system rewards users with extra LETSTOP credits when they invite friends to join the app. Once the referred friends register and start using the app, the user who referred them will receive 5% bonus credits based on their friends' activity for a full month. Their referred friend will receive a Welcome Mystery Box with bonus credits. 

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