$STOP Token

ERC-20 asset signifying safe driving rewards

Convertible from LETSTOP credits

Future use as payment across various businesses

Featured on
500,000 $STOP Tokens
Users can jumpstart their earnings before the official launch by engaging in a variety of activities. Here are some ways tokens can be earned:

Downloading and registering on the app

Using the app and accumulating tokens

Likes, shares, and tagging

Activity in the Telegram group

Creating a promotional video

Referring friends

Token allocation
Token Distribution Chart
Token Release
Line Chart
Max supply 100,000,000 $sTOP
Halving System
The annual $STOP Token halving event, mirroring Bitcoin's model but occurring yearly, enhances the token’s scarcity to encourage early adoption and stimulate the LETSTOP ecosystem growth. This approach ensures a continuous reward cycle for safe driving, maintaining incentive relevance within a limited token supply framework.
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